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Welcome to our resources page!

Explore the topics below to see our collection of resources shared by our partner organizations and our own network members.
If you have a resource you'd like us to add, please e-mail it to 

Harm Reduction 101

​If you're trying to get a better understanding of what harm reduction is, or to help someone else understand the basics, check out...

Technical Assistance for SSPs

If you are looking for support in starting or sustaining your SSP, there are several resources available:

We recently worked with our members to develop 2 tools to help practitioners measure participant satisfaction:

  1. Click here to download a printable "ready to use" participant satisfaction survey for SSPs

  2. Click here to see a question bank that will guide you in building your own survey

Sharp Network Reports

When we developed SHARP in 2020, we went out to our members and asked what they wanted and needed from a peer learning network. We summarized what we heard from our members (46 of them!) in the reports below. ​

Since 2020, we've expanded the reach of our network, added new network events and activities, and continued to engage with our members to understand their needs.

Sharp Network Newsletters

​Each quarter, we sit down to chat with members throughout the region to bring you network news. 


It can be a struggle to find quality housing programs that support PWSUD. NASTAD is currently (January through May 2022) hosting a webinar on the topic. Check out the recordings or the live session the 1st Wednesday of each month. 

Sharp Sessions Resources

If you're trying to find a link, website, or document another member shared during one of our Sessions, click here to visit our Google Drive


Resources can be found under the folder with the Session name and date. 

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