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SHARP Sessions

A monthly, member-led gathering

with new hosts each month.

An unstructured space to spend

time with people who "get it."

We share our work, decompress,

offer support (if asked for), & hang out!

Join us for our November SHARP Session,

Host and registration info coming soon!

Zoom Information

Meeting ID: 

Tuesday, November XX

[Image description: Art showing a starry night and dark trees, with the words “We are all small and we are all important.”]

SHARP Sounding Board

An open forum for members to share

any project & receive feedback

from other practitioners.

Short presentations of the project

followed by an open, honest conversation.

We encourage you to bring

any idea - big or small! 

 Join us for our September Sounding Board, "Meth: Undoing the Mess in the Messaging." 


This session will be hosted by Robyn L. (CA) who will share her experiences working with people who use meth and tips for addressing the misinformation & lack of information about meth use. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 952 9642 2125


Wednesday, Sept. 7th

[Image description: Art showing a billboard along a road and a field. The billboard says “Rural Drug Users Deserve Access to Naloxone.”]

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